Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Louis Bennet.. oh the drama

So this lady died.. right. and she as in canada right.. .and our goverment shipped her body back to ja for the funeral right.. i wonder how much that cost.. her service and the whole locking down of the area for the march that was gonna happen. how much did that really cost jamaica.

I'm amazed at the simple shit they take drastic measures for in this country (not saying the ladies life was simple or she wasn't important or she didn't rep her country or nthing) however there are more pressing matters to be focused on but no we waste resources on funerals and stupid shit like that.. i'm pissed about it yes i'm not a mean person i'm not evil or what you may htink i just think its another dumb move by the gov...

If there are typos in this it was from my rage

regards an angry bloger.


Blogger sprawl tees said...

trus me i know what you mean. i mean the lady is dead, she wont know what th funeral would be like. i wonder though if it was her wish to be buried here? And if mebbe she made the arrangements to have her body buried here? but your right..the budget kinda tight as is. but thats the Jamaica, hear sey PJ a buy him ownna jet..hehehehe

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